I present to you a sneak peek at the future of energy: Space-based solar power

I’m one of those fortunate Cambodians with a scholarship to pursue a doctoral degree at a US-based university. Part of this graduate assistantship scholarship, I was assigned to work with my inspiring academic advisor, Professor Don Flournoy. He has built a large and amazing body of work, from teaching, research, media practicing, and theatrical performance to advancing the space frontiers.

His biggest professional endeavor is related to Space-Based Solar Energy. It’s so cool. I’m glad I had an opportunity to document his work and life in this video piece I produced for a production class. My project partner and I spent three months planning, shooting, interviewing, and editing this 12-minute documentary.

Space-based solar energy is probably a topic far beyond what most Cambodian readers of mine would think about on a daily basis. I actually only heard about this revolutionary scientific pursuit when I first met Professor Flournoy. To me, such world-changing matter like space-based solar energy is not only one of the many major hopes for a better world, but also the number one source of inspiration for everyone on planet earth to strive for great things in life.

Watch the video and you will see what I mean by inspiration.

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