Khmer Scholar is born out of a school project, and is at the moment privately funded by the passionate people who share a vision to enlighten Cambodia through a digital-first, citizen-journalism publication that takes advantage of 21st-century technologies.

As founder and editor-in-chief speaking on behalf of the team behind Khmer Scholar, I hold a firm belief that a publication institution should never be primarily for-profit. If profit is the only motivation, a neutral, reliable and credible publishing voice is unlikely to exist, and I intend to lead Khmer Scholar, steering clear of that profit-motivated direction.

However, for Khmer Scholar to reach its potential at scale, a sufficient fund is required. Advertising is one source of revenue to feed the operation costs, but it can be a double-edged sword. Advertising — if done inappropriately — is ugly and quality-degrading, publication-wise. Khmer Scholar may employ advertising strategies in the long run once we figure out a proper model.

At this point, we commit to private funding, and hopefully any help possible from audience members who love and believe in what we are doing.

  • To Khmer Scholar, you are part of our grand social mission.
  • To Cambodian people, you are their role model.
  • To Cambodia, your are her great asset.

Please let me know if you have questions for me personally. I look forward to talking with you via email at

Warmest regards,

Chetra Chap
Founder & Editor-in-chief