Chetra Chap in the Media

What Apple-FBI court fight means for mobile users


Apple-FBI court fight over a terrorist’s iPhone once again sparks the public interests over the old, long-debated dilemma of national security versus privacy. While the case is based in the United States, its implications reach far beyond the U.S. borders….

The face of information infrastructure in Cambodia, as of 2015


The year 2013 marks the biggest transformation of media landscape in Cambodia. Like in most countries, digital technology – particularly mobile – and the Internet play the forefront role in this media remodeling. Today, the most influential platform for information…

How youth can and need to express themselves better


When I just graduated from college, I was contacted by Loy9, a youth-oriented media campaign run by BBC Media Action and funded by UNDP, to sit in an interview describing “How can youth express themselves?” and “What are the benefits of self-expression?”. Self-expression plays a vital role…