Psy is back with a bigger geographical ambition in another iconic music video ‘Hangover’

Psy, the father of Gangnam Style phenomenon, is back with another iconic music video that has the potential to go viral again. This time the goal is obviously ambitious as Rap godfather Snoop Dogg appears as a featuring artist. The new masterpiece is entitled “Hangover“, and 21+ audiences like me might like to talk about it a lot. Like you’ve never been drunk.

Hangover follows the established successful formulas of Psy’s previous hit Gangnam Style and Gentlemen. All have electrifying beats that excite and simple dance moves that are easy to imitate. If these three songs are played in a club, your impulse to dance is far too great to contain or simply you become all Psy-chopathic.

However, the latest iteration of Psy’s musical and visual production is strategically designed to conquer a much larger geography. First, there is only a small portion of Korean rap in the song, which completely contradicts to Korean-based Gangnam Style and GentlemenHangover’s English lyrics are sure to give contexts about the song to the world audience.

Then, you see Snoop Dogg, ambassador of Hip-Hip/Rap communities. His appearance profoundly does one thing for Psy. Hangover is no longer at the mercy of anti-western criticism. Gangnam Style and Gentlemen were too Asian-oriented, to some, and Snoop Dogg solves that with his African-American descendant and his original, slowly-punching rap.

Hangover is complete. And not racist.

If you’re like me, you will enjoy this 5-minute music video. Are you?

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  • Seem now he is forgotten but at least cambodian know him because Gangnam Style .
    His new song Hangover seem not much interested like Gangnam Style hope he can make other beautiful song and interested .