Khmer Scholar aims to become the digital hub for democratization of knowledge and information in Cambodia. Employing citizen journalism model, Khmer Scholar is a publishing powerhouse, with high-end multimedia capabilities, that allows great minds all over the world to contribute and distribute their ideas and achievements in the hope to enlighten Cambodia, pushing the country towards peace and prosperity.

Journalistic in nature, Khmer Scholar does not just revolve around reporting on issues, but primarily around giving insights about them. That said, authors at Khmer Scholar strive to explain problems, suggest solutions, and introduce new and improved concepts to better Cambodia. The coverage includes – but is not limited to – a wide range of subject matters such as:

Politics, Business, Economics, Environment,
Social Issues, Skills Development,
Technology & Science,
Art & Culture, Sports,
Entertainment, Law & Regulations,
Lifestyle & Fashion, Health & Fitness,
and Travel & Food

Anyone with a voice can be an author at Khmer Scholar regardless of both nationalities and achievements, academic or professional. What matters is that the voice, which goes through Khmer Scholar’s careful and neutral editorial process, carries weight beneficial for the development of Cambodia. Whether you are a student, a researcher, a business owner, a government official, or simply a caring citizen, you are welcome to join us, publishing your content about Cambodia on Khmer Scholar. Also, if you love and believe in what we are doing, please support us in any ways possible.

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