What I learnt in 2013

I have successfully survived 2013. Safe, purposeful and vertical, still! The funny part is I got to breathe 366 days throughout the year, or at least 365 days and 18 hours, to be exact. That was possible, for I began and ended the year in two different time zones.

Honestly, I feel aging now. I can’t really tell why, but I sense a lot of differences inside and out compared to last year, it seems.

Not like I enter puberty AGAIN, is it?

2012 was somewhat professionally frustrated, but I did find myself fresh and rather in the late Generation-Y if that sounds contextual enough. If it does not, I’m saying the world was like a playground full of excitement for me back then. After all, I just graduated from college.

As of right now, I’m still 12 hours shy of a complete 2013, and that means I should have enough time for crafting a reflective blog post. I’m trying, by the way, if you didn’t notice.

When it comes to cramming a one-year-long reflection into a several-hundred-word article, synthesizing challenge emerges. Last year, I chose defining a theme as my approach, and then built up the stories I encountered around it. Obviously, it got the job done, although I think I now arrive at a much better execution. Short, broad and descriptive.

Instead of describing what happened throughout the year around a theme like I did for 2012, I’m going to make this 2013 reflection a list of lessons learned from all of my activities. The listing starts now!

  • You can accomplish anything once you have full concentration in doing it. That said, stay away from the social network websites.
  • The more you express, the more you might look like an idiot. And, what am I doing, really? Ironic.
  • Buddhistianity is a new word in my personal dictionary. The term to me is a combination of Buddhism and Christianity, which I define as rationale thinking married with emotional support through love.
  • Being different is tough, very much so that everyday is a challenge.
  • Rationale is the source of meaningless life, especially when it erodes your courage to believe in fate.
  • With getting out of your comfort zone, I think you just need to live on your own.
  • Cooking is a creative process.
  • Is being shameless a disgrace? At least, it manages to be an occasional necessity.
  • The older, the more educated, the more self-censored.
  • Belief in itself is not so much physical.
  • Subjectivity is not science. It so doesn’t deserve to hurt you.
  • Love is an intuition animal. You just know you love that person, but you can’t tell why! If you can, it’s not love. It’s politics!
  • Programming is a town hall meeting in your brain.

So, I guess that’s all I’ve got. I might add more later if possible. For the coming 2014, I don’t really plan much. I think the excitement is in the journey, anyway. Yet, I am sure I will still be on my transition curve.

And, you! You are definitely awesome for keeping coming back to read my blog, although I have been neglecting you for a while. I really miss reading your comments.

Happy new year. May the best be with you at all times.

PS: I have this feeling that one of these reflective blog posts might soon feature something to do with marriage. Panic mode!

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