My biggest dream on a new curve: Switching from social science to natural science

My aunt once told me I was a pretty busy child. My toy was an axe. Every day I would hang out by myself at the back of the house with some nails and fire woods. Now, I do remember being really proud of my self-made desk panted white which my mother threw away after a few weeks. “It’s really ugly,” she complaint and then bought me a new desk.

It was a weird childhood, looking back, but this story really explains who I am and what I should be doing in a crystal clear sense. In fact, it gives me the courage to dream big, real big, and jump curves to plan steps towards it.

Current being

Professionally speaking, my life was very uncertain and accidental in the past only not to say it was a complete mess. I have been well-trained and surrounded by great people.

I was raised more in an academia atmosphere during college days. Well, I am supposed to be an educator and a social scientist if you closely look at my two bachelor degrees in Education (TEFL) and International Studies.

Given the academic consequence, I am presently doing the above mentioned roles joyfully at one of highly regarded institutions in Cambodia (Institute of Foreign Languages), although I just realized the two do not so much reflect who I am and what I am supposed to be doing in nature.

These days find me obsessed with design. I get goosebumps when seeing well-crafted things. Isn’t that the kiddy me you just read about? Also, I’m so addicted to media technologies (website, photography, videography, and the likes).

I’ve been building websites. Khmer Scholar is one of my creations inspired by these emerging hobbies and passions.

So who and what am I, exactly?

I don’t know if you get the same conclusion I’m having, but it’s strikingly obvious to me that I am an inventor. It’s in my DNA that I design and build stuff. Tell me what you were thinking.

I’m going to pursue this passion.

Soon, I will be going for another social science course, Master Degree in International Affairs in the States. Educator? Social Scientist? No. It is not what it sounds like from what I know and plan. It’s going to make me an inventor.


I should start with a story about me having a chat with my parents on the way to a dinner. My dad asked what my plan was upon MA completion from the US, expecting me to come back to teaching or find a governmental position. Unfortunately, I let him down.

I told him Ohio University will allow me to work on any kinds of projects related to the ten ASEAN countries, so I can successfully get my degree. “Any kinds” is the key and that means I know what I am after, the skills necessary to become a developer, designer, and inventor.

Mom interrupted, “are you going to build houses?”. I laughed and refused. “No, a software engineer“.

Like my parents, you might want to know why I want to be a software engineer.

Why software engineer?

Please listen to another story first.

I learn that my life has been quite fortunate as my parents were economically sufficient enough to give me a middle-class student lifestyle and I have always been working and earning money since I was a sophomore.

In a sense, money has never been a problem for me and consequently I never really have this ultimate goal to collect so much of it.

I just feel I always have enough to do what I want to, thus seeing no reasons why I need to crave for it too greedily.

What is then my life goal, the biggest dream you saw in the title?

The dream revealed

My ultimate goal is going to sound a bit funny to you, but I know it can be done from this moment onward. At least, I believe. I do.

I want to make an impact on the world, putting a dense on this universe. Yes, you heard me and don’t laugh, please.

I want to alter, better and contribute to the way people live. That’s why I intend to be a software engineer. Again, why? And why not politicians or something? Are these questions in your mind?

Personally, the main actors that really have the capabilities to impact human lives globally are not so much world leaders or so-called politicians. They may have controls over every sector domestically and the more powerful some may even expand to influent their allied countries, yet they simply find it hard to impact directly on lives of the billions roaming this planet. Social scientists may debate with me on this. Please throw your thoughts in the comment below.

I think the biggest players are companies when it comes to crafting lifestyles of man. They provide goods and services that people use every single day. Some are just so revolutionary that people can’t do much but to defy the status quo, adopting a complete different and new way of living.

Think of the introduction of textile clothing which switched people from tree leaves. Then, commercial airlines, cars, phone, computer and so on. You get the idea.

So, it comes down to a company, or even a corporation, that I want to start and run, so I can realize my biggest dream to better people’s lives. Now, I guess the question of “why software engineer” might have already been answered. I hope.

Everything depends on software these days, and nowhere is more relevant than in the context of companies. Let me share an article I wrote  about the significance of software.

Anyway, you can look at Google, Facebook, Apple, Angry Birds, Dropbox, Twitter, Microsoft, etc. They are the ones responsible for how we live in a way we are now, and they are completely dependent on software engineers who acquire the design mind and inventive characteristics.

Final words

To this end, I am going to take all the courses necessary to become a software engineer at Ohio University and come up with a software-related project for my graduation.

Then, what’s next? I have in mind where I should settle at after my schooling so I can start building my dream, a company/corporation that will push the living of human kind to a better experience. Can you guess? Where?

This is almost the last paragraph, and I do thank anyone who makes it this far.

I know I am not the top performer out there, but I just dare to dream and plan. I hope these stories of mine inspire you to conquer the same courage to study and follow your heart.

Clearly, I am jumping curves, changing from social science background to a more technical field, and I know it’s going to make me really happy for the rest of my life. To me, I absolutely see in life an important, new direction and in many ways a beginning.

Wish me luck. And, any suggestions for this life plan?

PS: Oh, my parents. They are just so supportive. That’s their beauty!

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