It’s true. Not a dream. I’ve finally arrived at Step 4: Going for a Master’s degree in the States

You would have seen the featured image of this article before reading its content. It’s Ohio University. I’m very humbly pleased to be able to realize another milestone in life. I have long awaited it, dreamed about it, and constantly wished for it to come soon. Finally, it is here. Nothing can describe how I feel right now.

It was much like a blinded optimism looking back at my life before college. Who was I to dream this big? Or, is it my survivor status that made this possible?

Given the reality this fortunate, I guess legend has it: hard work heals everything, even the dead DNA.

I almost lost all the hopes back then in 2007 when trying to achieve step 1, which was the high school diploma. How on earth was a student who spent most of the time outside school able to enjoy relief breathing before, during, and after the national high school examination?

There came the second step where I intended to jump curves, changing a complete life path from a misled youngster to someone willing to hang out with geeks, nerds, and professionals. Luckily, I was destined to meet those individuals at Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL). After 5 years, my life has been completely changed. Thanks to IFL and all the people I met during my self-transformation period.

Step 3, the career journey, saw more promising outcomes, although a lot have happened that made me realize life is not that ideal, practically speaking. I have been through excitement, satisfaction and eventually frustration as well. I got involved with a business and got back to work for a place that has built today me.

Finally, step 4 is the main theme of this article, and it’s about me leaving the country. I am going to the States for my graduate study. I have to say this is the biggest thing I have ever achieved in life. I am looking forward to experiencing more fascinating encounters ahead.

Any suggestions? This life story of mine might not be of significance to some or even most, but I believe it can be a good example, if not an inspiration, for people out there who have gone through wrong directions in life and want to get back on the track. All I can, want to and must say is “It’s never too late”.

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