I’m coming back to IFL as a lecturer

In case you don’t know what IFL stands for, it’s Institute of Foreign Languages, the place at which I spent 5 years to get my two bachelor degrees: Education (TEFL) and International Studies.

It was a tough 5-year period. I recall the frustration from due assignments, reviews for tests, and countless sleepless nights. With the fact that I did both degrees at the same time, and in the same school, every academic activity tended to fall at the similar, if not the exact same, dates.

Back in 2007, I was a complete alien in the new planet, the IFL planet. Read my self-transformation story, and you will know what I am talking about. I was totally a misled youngster in one of the highest distinction universities in Cambodia.

In many ways, I experienced countless culture shocks, ranging from dressing codes and tones of language communicated, to independent leaning tradition.

You know my legs shook like hell inside my half torn-off jeans (I wore jeans to class!) during my first presentation in the Introduction to Environment class. It was horrible!

The good news is IFL changed the whole me. I can’t remember how many times I wore suit and tie, walking up on stages and speaking to hundreds of people. Thank you, IFL!

I knew I had to return the favor to IFL upon graduation, coming back in whatever forms possible just to make sure I have something to contribute.

I made a promise to myself I must come back to teach at IFL at one point in life. Now, I’m in a few places, and also running a business. I love them, really!

I have always told myself if there was ever a day I manage to keep this promise, I would blog about it. Fortunately, the day has come, and you are reading the blog post now.

Yes, I am coming back to IFL as lecturer, officially!

To me, IFL has established a culture of excellence for both its students and staffs, which I was humbly honored to be a part of during my learning journey there. As of now, with this new academic reality, I am heading back home, holding a different status, the one that says IFL lecturer and staff member!

Looking forward to the fun ahead!


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