How youth can and need to express themselves better

When I just graduated from college, I was contacted by Loy9, a youth-oriented media campaign run by BBC Media Action and funded by UNDP, to sit in an interview describing “How can youth express themselves?” and “What are the benefits of self-expression?”.

Self-expression plays a vital role in youth’s lives since it allows youth to not only discover who they are and what they are for, but also to build their public image of themselves, which then functions as the self-marketing forces.

Youth who love expressing themselves tend to find their passion early and develop skills around it. Also, opportunities usually emerge at their disposal once the public notices the passion and the skills they have through their expression.

I was also asked by Loy9 to write a blog post “How can youth express themselves better?”, which I did.

I guess I was born in a society that does not really value youth freedom. I still remember how I felt back then before my graduation. I could not show my emotions and what I wanted too openly, or my family would bring the issue of inappropriate youngsters. More than that, the society was there, much less supportive than it should be.

So, I never did get to dye my hair brown. I just never did, and I regret that too perfect timing at 15. Even more painful to say, there are more similar regretful stories. How about you?

In this article therefore, I am trying to highlight the significance of self-expression of youths and how they can do it effectively, or else it will be too late.

Self-expression here is not only about hair dying, but there is a huge coverage in its nature. Appearance, emotions, activities, decisions, creativity, ability, passion, and talents are ones of such included. Expressing these is important because it defines who you are as well as your future path.

Then, how can you express?
One key notion is “stick to the truth” about yourself.

One serious example is the situation where you fail to express what you love to learn, ending up instead taking courses of your parents’ interest. After years of investment of time, effort and money, you may not be able to see significant development, anyway since it is just not what you love doing.

Then, how can you express? One key notion is “stick to the truth” about yourself. You have seen the elements in self-expression above, so express them truthfully in the way you are, regardless of being judged stupid, unprofessional, or inappropriate. Be yourself!

Concerning the methods to self-expression, modern technology has brought the ultimate ease for all youths around the world. The Internet provides the richest database for knowledge discovering and empowerment. Digital devices such as camera, computer, mobile phone, softwares, and so on have made youths become sophisticated content creators. And, there are these social network services that enable youths to share and really express themselves to the world, such as Facebook, Youtube, Blog, and Twitter.

On top of that, Loy9 is always there to assist youths in showing who they are and what they are for! So, are you ready to start expressing yourself?

Note: This blog post is written for a youth-promoting media campaign “Loy9“, a project run by BBC Media Action, and funded by UNDP.

This article was originally published on Chetra Chap’s blog.

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