Evolving cells: Does evolution have anything to do with LGBT orientations?

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, came out today. He is proud to be gay! Thanks to my friend who asked me what I honestly thought about this particular issue. I wrote an essay-length reply to him, and then realized, “Wait a minute. This would make a  blog post if I just add some introductory paragraphs.” Boy, are you reading them now. Like right now!

If hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy. – Tim Cook.

So, what do I think about gay subject matter? First of all and obviously, they are humans, the 46-chromosome beings I do without any doubts have respects for. To reject gay people is as well to reject myself. Why would I do that? I would never ever reject myself even when I am drunk, full of mistakes or (in Thor’s words) not worthy. Gay men and I are the same, and Ultron is right. We are all puppets tangled in strings! Enough craps, let’s go to what I think about gay.

For the record, I have lots of LGBT friends.

It’s a biological phenomenon constrained by social expectations. It’s evolution.

Cells, the smallest atoms that form all kinds of lives, are inherited from generations to generations. Cells are combined to form lives via sort of a systematically random intercourse/mating (surviving lives under same species tend to choose their mates based on beauty, interests,…etc.)

For sexual orientation, male, female, and gay are products of combination of certain sexual cells that happens during mating/intercourse. While male and female might be early stages of these cells, gay comes in later stages when these sexual cells evolve to have gayness characteristics. It’s very much like physical appearance. Early cells had us look like monkeys, but then the evolving cells gradually make us look like what we are today. We are only getting smarter, stronger and more beautiful from generations to generations through EVOLUTION.

In the future, there will be more and more gays, and the public will socially accept it. No one can stop biological evolution (gays are being born every day), but social evolution needs some more time, more cases, and more inspirations (like Tim Cook) to turn something new and somewhat different widely normal.

I really have no problem with gayness since I always purely look at it from scientific perspectives. Who knows? 100 years from now, cells evolve to produce ONLY ONE sexual orientation. There will be no male, no female, and no gay. There may just be “human”.

Or in an alternative, more interesting prediction, cross-species sexual orientation? Humans and animals. That’s the power of evolution, I assume.

Just my opinions, and don’t ask me why living organisms evolve.

What do you think?

Extra things to know

Why did Tim Cook start publicly acknowledging his sexuality? Why now?

Also, Apple supports LGBT deeply.

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  • Thanks for your thoughts. In Cambodia when people talk about LGBT and show support to them, the society labels those people as a LGBT too. Yeah there is nothing wrong being a LGBT. But it is annoying when people call you a gay even though you are not.